What’s sparkly pink, black and  polka-dotty all over? Polka and Dot: the home and life accessories brand for the princess with discerning taste for curious items!
Polka and Dot was founded and curated by the one and only princess Mia  who’s never met a hairbow she didn’t like! When preparing for college in the early 2000’s she recognized that there is no better way to enter a space than to fill it with an aesthetic that is uniquely yours. When unable to find a store that suited her love of bold prints, glitter, tiaras and tools to lead her best #girlboss life, she knew that Polka and Dot would be a place for girls just like her.
Since graduating form Virginia Tech in 2013 Polka and Dot has been growing to include a curated collection of items that spark a unique curiosity in her heart, sometimes it was a case of holding some restraint when shopping for the store (honesty!)  After reading an article in the New York Times on Marie Kondo’s philosophy around items sparking joy in your life (read more here), she was convinced  that Polka and Dot would be the very thing that suited a growing trend of deliberate shopping for curiosity-inspiring objects and for Mia that meant a quirky sensibility with an eye for design and function.
Stay, shop and have a sparkly day!
Mia Simms
Sparkleprenuer Extraordinaire