Plan for Your Best Year

Plan for Your Best Year

We all know what time of year it is…BACK TO SCHOOL TIME, and if you’re anything like me (Mia) you face the equal dread and excitement of either preparing yourself or your little ones for a year of success in the classroom or the board room. As we transition into cooler months, I use this time to reflect on the year past and what remains of the current year ahead.  Consider this,  we still have time to tackle those pesky resolutions we made 8 months ago!

With resolve, felt-tip markers and a planner let’s tackle those goals and plans, girl! There’s nothing like a solid planner to visually map out the hours, days and weeks that lie ahead! Inspired by a recent article on the Huffington post, here are a few tips and recommendations for planning with a planner:

Tackle things by Month

In most planners there’s a monthly overview. Have a goal that you’re struggling with? Take this section to make broad goals that are smart or S.M.A.R.T.! Take it from this dedicated vision board girl, it’s hard to be what you can’t see. Read more on S.M.A.R.T goal-setting with a great Mind Tools’ article: Five Golden Rules of Goal Setting. 

Tackle things by Week

Ah, the nitty gritty begins! Every week is a new 7 day cycle to work on YOU! Note the daily or weekly tasks that will put you on track toward your monthly goals. And don’t forget to have a reward to work toward, because you’re worth it!

Get Into a Routine

Don’t turn into me–I have this one bin of notebooks, dreams and plans that I’ve jotted down and never return to. Schedule time (unlike me) to revisit, cleanse and revitalize.

Maintaining daily routines, such as a fixed bedtime and waking time, create for a space of certainty and regularity. Some say that seep is the best and least expensive preventative care measure! Don’t believe me? Believe NPR’s Terry Gross,  and this super smart guy and sleep scientist Matthew Walker and his take on Why We Sleep!

Don’t Try To Include Everything

You are one you. Yes, you..I see you. And no matter how hard we try and will this into imagination scientists have NOT cloned me yet and haven’t cloned you either. You’re one you so take care of yourself! I hear you Shonda Rhimes on your Year of Yes ( I haven’t read it) however I’m a strong yes on sleep and a strong no on over-booking myself or saying yes when my heart says NO NO NO. Self-care first, ok? Ok.

Also, treat your planner like a creative road-map, it should visually represent where you’re going mentally and what you’d like to create, not a literal play-by-play , that’s too messy!

Remember, It’s Not Your Phone

YES I LEARNED THIS THE HARD WAY!!! Planners for me are the creative space to dream and scheme however it will NOT send you push notifications that you have a conference call with a buyer on your lunch break. Thank you phone, I’m still tethered sometimes.

As I publish this (and bear in mind it’s scheduled) I’m likely relaxing poolside with a book or making dinner with my family. The amazing part about scheduling is we can use it as a tool to create in our lives a space where priorities are present. Plan time with family and friends, take a long interrupted walk! The best investment of time is in yourself! Scheduling, being fully present for conversations and interactions is as a result of unplugging and being fully present.

I’ve heard it said that you cannot pour form an empty vessel–if you’re tired and not well maintained, your cup is empty my friend! Take time to invest in YOU the world will be better for it! 

So, my friends here’s to a year of doing it all and then taking a nap, all through the power of planners!

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